Worsaw was formed by electronic musician Tim Delury in 2010.   His love of music began at a young age where he learned to play piano and guitar, but his passion was with analog synthesizers that he discovered in his teens.  This forever changed things as he devoted most of his time to this new found passion.  Bands like skinny puppy, front 242, ministry, and nitzereb where his early influences, and actually skinny puppy is still a strong influence to this day .  Later on bands like hocico, velvet acid chrsit, wumpscut, and suicide commando were also big influences over the direction Tim was taking his music.   After various other projects over the years, he has made a full commitment to Worsaw as his main focus. Combining elements of Industrial/EBM/Noise and Synthpop Tim has created a hard pounding in your face style of music which is sure to take a listeners on a journey to places that many people chose to ignore.  "Songs For The Damned" the debut album from worsaw is available now!!!!

The first single "Police State" deals with the rise of facism in the U.S. Canada and many other parts of the western world.   Rights are being taken away from evryday people by governments and police. Privacy, freedom of speech, are all being stripped from citizens by hard, right wing faciscts, globalists, and corporations.  Have no delusion, we ARE living in a police state right now.

The second release is "Antichrist"  A hard pounding EBM track, with aggresive synth lines and big 4/4 drums which is sure to be a hit in the clubs.  This song deals with Christians using the devil as their scapegoat.  If you dont repent, if you dont obey, if you dont confess your sins, than off to hell you go,  being licked by the flames for all eternity.
Lol, the hypocracy and corruption of the church is astounding.  HAIL ME, HAIL YOU, HAIL SATAN.

The album as a whole is definately  for the large part a political message to people to wake up and stand up to and realize the direction the world is going in.  

Although the album is very doom and gloom, so are the times in which we live.